Who We Are

Fiera Capital is an established asset management firm with a growing global presence and an efficient allocator of capital that harnesses the latest in the investment science to create innovative investment solutions and to foster sustainable prosperity for all our stakeholders.

Executive Chairman
of the Board Letter

Jean-Guy Desjardins

Financial Highlights

Total AUM 2017-2021

as at December 31 2021

Global President
and Chief Executive Officer Letter

Jean-Philippe Lemay

Investing in Our People

At Fiera Capital, we understand that our most valuable asset is our people. We are truly committed to providing a healthy and rewarding work environment where our employees feel empowered. We believe that building a respectful, inclusive and supportive culture is integral to our ability to collaborate, make better decisions and exceed the expectations of our clients.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we took meaningful steps to ensure our employees had access to appropriate health and wellness resources and we invested in technology and tools to support them with remote working options and opportunities for learning and growth.

Contributing to a Sustainable Future

Our commitment to sustainable investment practices has been a journey that first started when the firm was founded in 2003. Since then, we have continuously raised the bar to drive innovation and enhance our sustainable investment capabilities year after year.

As we manage assets on behalf of our clients, we aim to efficiently allocate capital to generate long-term positive outcomes that extend well beyond enhancing risk-adjusted returns. By advocating for sound governance and ethical business practices within the companies we invest in around the world, we contribute to creating a more sustainable future. We know that this, in turn, will enable economies and societies to thrive and prosper.